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At Nannyfy we focus on B2B, giving support to companies and compromising on giving solutions on both personal and profesional level.

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Trust, safety and confidence

Nannyfy offers taylormade solutions for companies, adapting our services to each project.



Give away Nanny hours to your employees or your clients. Bring it to the next level helping your employees with labor conciliation!! Punctual or frequent services as a social benefit.



No school and parents working from home? Online activities to learn and have fun. Choose between weekly packs or private virtual classrooms. We create your company’s taylormade weekly calendar! Amused and happy = Connected parents.


Kids Clubs

Nannyfy comes to your company!! We organize and manage your own kids company club in your offices. Frequent or punctual services such as: no school days,, team building or corporate events.



¿Alguien de tu equipo necesita que se encarguen de sus hijos mientras trabaja o teletrabaja? Nuestras nannies se desplazarán a su domicilio para ayudar en los horarios y durante todo el tiempo que lo requieran. Buscamos la nanny perfecta para cada família.



Adding Nannyfy to your company’s social benefits will have a positive impact on stress, absenteeism, increases clients loyalty and favors the working environment.



To include Nannyfy as a service in your hotel is offering a trustworthy and innovative plus. Managed by professionals, it will enforce your upselling and fosters clients recommendations and engagement.



Either for companies, hotels or private customers, having a nanny on your events will increase your guests tranquility.


Tempting, isn't it?

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